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For 15 years AutoRun has provided technologically innovative solutions and quality products for the mining industry in Australia.
In addition, our facilities have capacity to make contract electronic, cabling and RFID products for any industry sector.

We are driven by a ‘think first’ culture that creates opportunities and strong ROI for our clients. 
We challenge assumptions, understand users, redefine problems, and create innovative solutions.

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Product Snapshot

Sampling automation

RayTrac™ is the first sampling system that digitises the sample collection process from start to finish. RayTrac™ not only gives you total visibility on sampling progress but also automates the sampling procedure giving your program best industry practice.

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Key Benefits

1. Reduces Costs

Stops costly sample errors by sampling rules being enforced by our scanner systems.

2. Reduces Labour

Our system reduces the amount of times a sample has to be handled and checked.

3. Tracks Samples

Our system can log every time a sample is moved and who moved it.

4. Improves Safety

Our system reduces manual handling therefore potential strains and sprains.

We believe in our tailored approach and high standards, offering the best products and service.

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We stand by our method in organisation, product reliability and support to our clients.

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We cultivate long term ‘win-win’ relationships, through our zero harm attitude. All our manufacturing whether in Australia or at our overseas factory is done to accredited standards considering the well being of people and environment.

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