MetTrac is a mine site ore tracking system using Radio Frequency Identification technology to place the location of ore parcels on their journey from the blast face into the mill.

This was pioneered in 2011 by our company in Australia and has evolved into a robust technological product, which for a small cost can result in significant increases in mine productivity outputs.

How it works

MetTrac uses proprietary blast resistant tags that can be placed before or after a blast by mine geologists at the face. These tags are written with location, time and ore type by the geologist with the tag carrying data and also the mine database receiving what was recorded in the field.

As the broken ore is hauled to the stockpile, sorted for crushing and then loaded onto conveyor systems, a variety of RFID readers, including mobile and fixed, track the movement of the ore parcels on their journey. The movement of the ore is logged by the MetTrac software and reports are provided to the mine staff helping ensure adherence to the mine plan and to alert staff to any issues with ore allocation.

The MetTrac system is customisable for each client, being as simple as one point of detection or many detection points located around the mine. The system is scalable in many ways and a number of complementary features such as underground tracking of personnel for safety purposes can be added.

Why MetTrac?

  • Mine to mill ore reconciliation can be out as far as 2% at some operations.
  • Human and operational error can cost millions of dollars a year in lost/diluted ore.
  • Recent technological advances in radio frequency applications and analytical tools means new cost saving solutions are available.

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If you’re looking for more information, please download our MetTrac Brochure (PDF).

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