RayTrac™ is the first radio wave technology (RFID) used in resource industry sampling and has many advantages over competing products.

The system is based on a series of scanning devices similar to barcoding but using radio waves instead of visible light. The radio wave scanners can easily read samples covered in mud, water or even through other objects at a distance and operate rapidly with almost no read failures.

Our radio wave scanners come in a variety of models and are used from the drill rig to sample pick up to the assay lab. The scanners are sophisticated and very robust with high physical operating tolerances, perfect for weather extremes found in mining and exploration environments. RayTrac™ scanners can detect tens of samples at a distance; this means raid data capture, saving you time and manual handling.

“Through the automation of data collection and with company sampling rules programmed into the scanner, RayTrac™ eliminates human typographical and sample allocation error. This increases data integrity, saves costs on site and increases organisational transparency and operational methodology.”

Information captured on RayTrac™ Scanners can be uploaded to company databases manually, automatically, remotely or in person. RayTrac™ software is easily configurable to all major mining software packages and causes no IT system interruption.

Why Use RayTrac™?

The system has been created to;

  • Automate the sampling process
  • Eliminate sample mix-ups
  • Increased QAQC integrity
  • Eliminate human typographical errors
  • Increase operator accountability
  • Increase sample integrity
  • Chain of custody transparency
  • Reduce manual handling

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