Our Systems

Our proprietary technical systems are in use with a variety of large and mid-tier mining houses attesting to their efficiency and effectiveness.

Exploration RC Drilling in the Outback - Australia


RayTrac™ is the first radio wave technology used in resource industry sampling and is the pathway to fully automated human free drill rig sampling.

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Drill Rig Autosampler

In joint venture with Ausdrill Limited, AutoRun sells a automatic sample bag handler, built specifically for the Rock Commander series drill rigs and soon will release a standalone system for standard RC.

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MetTrac is an ore tracking system using Radio Frequency Identification technology to place the location of ore parcels on their journey from the blast face to the Mill.

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AutoRun has a range of RFID bags to complement the RayTrac system with uses ranging from a simple hand scan after drilling to fully automated sample handling.

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We offer our clients a convenient “one-stop-shop” for quality mining consumable products.

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