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RFID Drill Sampling Cost Saving Example

Mining and exploration companies can lose thousands of dollars per year on human and system sampling error.

Although some of it is recoverable through re-assay or geologist best guess in the modelling phase, it is still a sunk cost that could be reduced to zero with RayTrac™.

For example a low 2% sample error rate of 100,000 samples x $120 cost per sample (includes the drill cost per meter, company labour cost, transport cost and assay cost) = $240,000 total cost in error samples to the company. RayTrac™ can reduce this to zero.

Have you wondered how much automation can save on a project rather than how much it can cost?

Visit our website to download our RayTrac brochure for more information.

RFID Sample Scanning

When you’re responsible for the chain of custody for mining samples, nothing makes the process of collecting, tagging and tracking samples as easy as AutoRun does.

We combine tracking software with RFID-tagged bags and handheld or fitted scanners to ensure that you can track the samples from mine site to assay lab in real time.

In built fallbacks mean that the field assistant is alerted if there are any samples missing, so they can fix the error before it happens.

AUTORUN are finalists in the WA Department of Mines, Work Health and Safety Excellence Awards 2021

AutoRun are excited to announce that we are finalists in the WA Department of Mines, Work Health and Safety Excellence Awards 2021, under the Safety Invention of the year category for our work in the JV of Ausdrill’s Rock Commander Reverse Circulation Drill Rig Automated Sampler.

We are hoping to be the winner of the award on the 22nd of October at the Optus Stadium at the awards ceremony.

In the meantime, if you would like more information on these automated drill rigs that use our home-grown RFID technology, please visit the AUTORUN or AUSDRILL website.

We hope to see you there!

AUTORUN Wins 2021 BHP HSEC Award

AutoRun were finalists in the BHP 2020 HSEC Awards in the Safety Category, for our work on the Rock Commander Reverse Circulation Drilling AutoSampler. This is a JV between AutoRun, Ausdrill and Trimble and has resulted in two of these rigs being deployed in BHP Iron Ore.

Check out our website to see the rig in action!

Contact us if you’d like to know more about these rigs and automated RC sampling.

Join us on Wednesday 26th –  Thursday 27th May 2021 at Austmine

Come see us at booth 435 at 2021 Austmine Conference being held at Perth Convention and Exhibition Centre to see hands on demonstrations of our exciting technical and consumable product range.

Join us on Monday 15th –  Wednesday 17th March 2021 at AusIMM

Visit us at booth 53 at 2021 Underground Operators Conference being held at Perth Convention and Exhibition Centre. We will be showcasing our next generation systems and consumable products.

You can register here.